Research and Advocacy cell

Research and Advocacy Cell (RAC) was formally established in 2014 for enlarge as a multi-disciplinary independent research unit within the framework of SEDOP. The cell has been playing an important role in designing SEDOP`s development interventions, monitoring progress, authenticating achievements, and undertaking impact assessment studies. It provides an analytical basis for SEDOP`s programmatic decisions, fine tuning it for better performance and making development efforts evidence-based, effective, and community-sensitive. RAC conducts programme-driven research in poverty, agriculture, education, environment, food security, social safety net, migration, gender,social development and human rights. The cell also caters to national importance issues independently and in collaboration with reputed academic institutions and international agencies. RAC`s research activities are supported by a specialized fund raising and public relation cell for knowledge management, field operation and data management. In addition, RAC has a number of researchers and data collectors to facilitate data collection, data analysis and prepare report. RAC is also trying to extend research support to other programmes of SEDOP. The research findings are disseminated through a range of oral and print media. Since inception, it has created nearly 3 study reports, 5 journal articles, 1 project brief (as of October 2015).

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