SEDOP follows two kinds of governance policy. One is General Committee (GC) and the other is Executive Committee (EC).

General Committee (GC):

SEDOP General Committee consists of 31 members and the suprim auhority of the organization. This committee elects the Executive Committee. The members of this committee are known as General Members of the organization.

Role of General Committee:

  • The GC meets atleast One time in a year.
  • GC Electing members of the Executive Committee of 7 members for a term of three years.
  • Approving Audit report, accounts, and yearly budget as well as draft annual reports.

Authority of General Committee:

The General Committee members are authorized to enhance, alternative and make essential addition and differentiation with the constitution or abolition the constitution and formulate a new constitution.

Executive Committee:

The General body elects a 7 member Executive Committee (EC) for a term of three years. The Executive committee meets at least 4 times a year to discuss and approve periodical plans, programs, performance and achievement reports, statement of accounts, administration etc.

Functions of Executive Committee:

  • To approve any type of program, activities and projects of the organization
  • To approve all plans and policies of the organization
  • To approve yearly income & expenditure.
  • To approve annual reports.
  • To accord and withdraw General Committee membership, Executive Committee membership and honorary membership
  • Appointing election commission prior to expiry date of the Executive Committee
  • To take necessary legal action in the interest of the organization
  • To take any decision deemed necessary for organizational management

Authority and Jurisdiction of Executive Committee:

  • The Executive Committee makes decisions based on the majority.
  • The Executive Committee reserves the power to take any decision for the better interest of the organization.
  • To determine the designation of the Chief Executive.
  • The Executive Committee can fix up the fiscal year
  • The Executive Committee will appoint auditor for auditing the organizational accounts at the end of the Fiscal Year.
  • Executive Commottee Secretary will appoint the auditor to audit the accounts of different projects. Besides, registered authority may conduct audit as per necessity.

As per election detailed of the Executive Committee Members of SEDOP are given below:

S.LNameDesignationEducation QualificationProfessionDetails
1Ehsan Ul FattahChairmanMASocial WorkerMr. Ehsan Ul Fattah is a retired secratery of Bangladesh govt. He was selected as a member of General Committee of SEDOP. Presently, he is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of SEDOP.
2Debobroto MohalderVice-ChairmanMSDevelopment WorkerMr. Debobroto Mohalder is a social worker. He is a member of General Committee of SEDOP
3Prosanta Kumar BiswasSecrateryBABusinessProsanta Kumar Biswas is the Executive Director & founder of SEDOP. He is the current Secretary of Executive Committee of SEDOP.
4Tithi SikderAsst. SecrateryHonoursDevelopment WorkerTithi Sikder is not only a housewife but also a development worker. He is a member of Executive of SEDOP.
5Nirod Bihari MridhaTrasurerHSCBusinessNirod Bihari Mridha is a business man and a social worker. At present, he is a member of Executive Committee of SEDOP
6Abdus SobahanExecutive MemberM ScBusinessMr. Abdus Sobahan is a business man and a Social worker. He is a member of the Executive Committee of SEDOP.
7Porna Roy ChowdhuryExecutive MemberMSSHouse wifeMrs. Porna Roy Chowdhury is a House wife. She is a member of the Executive Committee of SEDOP.