Overview of SEDOP

Basic Philosophy

The basic philosophy of SEDOP is that the Human potential is infinite. The point is to explore its multi-dimensional manifestations and harness it to promote human welfare.

Basic Principles:

Basic principles of SEDOP are shaped by core values and fundamental philosophy to guide SEDOP’s development initiatives. These are:

  • Equality and neutrality
  • Following national interest.
  • Safe-guarding the interest of the backward, socially disadvantaged and hard core poor community.
  • Democratic culture, transparency and accountability.
  • Ensuring a secure homeland for future generation.

Core values of SEDOP:

  • Mutual respect.
  • People’s participation.
  • Gender Sensitivity.



A poverty free prosperous nation



Promote, Protect and Support self- reliant, participatory development efforts of the people.

Strategic Priority:

The eight strategic priorities have been identified for SEDOP future direction are:

  1. Develop livelihoods and food security of rural and urban people with special attention to coastal, riverbank, wetlands and hill-tracts;
  2. Improve education, ICT and health & nutrition condition of vulnerable people;
  3. Disaster, Climate Change and Environmental resource Management;
  4. Focus on human rights and good governance;
  5. Value chain and market linkage development;
  6. Develop people’s organization, youth and community leadership;
  7. Humanitarian response to Refugee/migrant (out country) and host community;
  8. Resettlement (Development Induced Displaced People).